Selecting a REALTOR® is similar to selecting other professional services (e.g. legal services, tax preparation, financial planning, medical, etc.). Given the financial importance of selling or buying a home, you need the bestREALTOR® you can find. How do you evaluate a REALTOR® to ensure you are getting thebest?
Here are some important factors to consider in selecting your REALTOR®:


1. Committed to Your Results

"How do you get results for you clients?"

"What results have you achieved for your clients?"
A REALTOR® who is committed to you acts in a true fiduciary (consultant) capacity. This is a special relationship of trust, confidence and responsibility to you. These full time advisors are highly educated and provide expert guidance for you.
2. Negotiation Skills

"What is your negotiation background and training?"
The ability to negotiate and influence others ultimately optimizes YOUR overall value and maximizes YOUR netprofit. Finding a highly skilled negotiator should be a top priority.
3. Marketing Plan

"How will you market my property?"
The marketing plan for your home determines penetration into the Buyer market which generates offers for you to negotiate. Look for a comprehensive marketing plan to reach as many Buyers as possible.
4. Market Pricing Expertise

"What strategy do you use for the initial list price?"
Pricing your home correctly from the beginning is absolutely key to getting the best price for your home. Price your home too high initially and you’ll likely have to take a below market price later.
5. Contract Understanding

"Tell me about the purchase agreement and how you will protect me from potential liabilities."
The Arizona Residential Purchase Agreement (plus other legal documents) requires in-depth knowledge and understanding to protect you from lawsuits and other legal liabilities. Knowledge of all legal documents also helps ensure your deal won’t fall apart due to a technicality.
6. Full Time Professional

"Are you a full or part time REALTOR®?"
A full time REALTOR® (vs. part time) will always be available to you. A full time REALTOR® also has time to invest in training and development which ultimately benefits you.
7. Training/Certifications/Designations

"What real estate training do you have?"
Ongoing education helps develop a higher level of expertise which is used to your benefit. Certifications and designations demonstrate a professional approach that ultimately helps you get better results.
8. Overall Experience

"Tell me about your background and how that will help me in selling or buying my home."
A broad background and varying experiences helps develop the ability to handle complex situations which can lead to better results for you.
9.Transaction Support Systems

"How do you handle the details leading to closing?"
The Right REALTOR tracks each and every step in the closing process to reduce the risk of a delayed closing or a failed deal.
10. Full Service vs. Discount Brokerage

"What services are included in your commission?"
A full service REALTOR® uses more approaches and spends more personal marketing money to help generate broad interest in your property that gets YOU the best results.

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